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Our company

We have over 55 years of life experience and are happy and successful people with a balance of peace and spiritual harmony. We pride ourselves on delivering an inspirational, enlightened view of the world that can benefit those around us. Our aim is to minimise negative thoughts and deal with emotions that cloud our natural clarity that so often destroy our happiness and thought process. Also, to offer and influence healing with graded exposure to wisdom. We are blessed to have had the benefit of wisdom through our lives and we feel that this special gift should be shared with the world.

We support a natural and organic teachings that date back to ancient times of some of the greatest philosophers that ever lived. Their academic intellect has proven to offer authentic wisdom that has proven to last for all eternity. 


  • Top quality organic wisdom
  • Best customer service
  • A Great investment
  • Comprehensive enlightenment 

Our team


Nothing but the BEST!!

Our team can best be described as balanced, healthy, successful people with more wisdom than they can contain. We all share the same mission in life and that is to help others see that Wisdom can truly influence how we think and feel about ourselves in any situation and how to deal with the present-day and future impacts. You will not find people like this on your own. We have devoted our lives to finding these great influencers so you don’t have to.   


The best $55 I have ever spent!

Terry - Singapore

I honestly thought that no one could help.  Cash for Wisdom have given me a new sense of hope and I have achieved more now than I ever did before.  Thank you!

Fadi - Netherlands

“Wow, I have so much motivation and energy now! Thank you Cash for Wisdom

Corey - Unitled States

Words can’t describe how this team of wonderful people helped me. They have shown me the way to true happiness, all for $100. Amazing, thanks again team.

Amanda - London